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Diversified Technique in Oak Creek

persons back being adjustedThe ultimate goal of chiropractic care is to improve and sustain the health and functionality of the nervous system. Our bodies are constantly working to adapt to stress. When we physically fail to adapt, our ability to heal decreases. This correlation is directly visible in the spine, often through misalignments of the vertebrae.

At Evolved Chiropractic, the Diversified Technique is one of our many adjustment styles. Among the most widely used chiropractic techniques, this hands-on approach differs from other methods, as its objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of the spine and correct joint dysfunction. Dr. Jon has also trained in Motion Specific Technique, a type of Diversified.

It’s a quick and painless adjustment process we can easily modify to meet the needs of different people. This natural and holistic care method has proven successful in helping patients of all ages and stages return to living the life they love without medications or surgery.

The therapy consists solely of manual manipulations—no tools or devices are used to perform the adjustment, and you will only feel the sensation of the chiropractor’s hands throughout the process. Some people don’t make audible “cracks” or “pops,” but that doesn’t mean the adjustment didn’t happen. When we put the force through the joints, we can be sure the adjustment has still taken place, even when a sound isn’t heard.

What to Expect

As with every patient, Dr. Jon performs a complete analysis of your spine and other areas as indicated. A medical history, INSiGHT scans, and X-rays of your spine are taken to enable us to make the most precise diagnosis. Subsequent visits may include motion palpation, with the chiropractor feeling the spinal joints move as you turn and bend. Dr. Jon may perform a leg check to look for an imbalance in the neck or lower spine. Our thorough analysis ensures we don’t miss anything that may contribute to your discomfort.

Once Dr. Jon determines where the misalignments are, he administers a precise manual adjustment to realign the vertebrae. The direction, speed, depth, and angle used result from years of experience, skill, and a thorough understanding of spinal mechanics.

The nervous system reintegrates by reducing blockages and tension throughout the spinal system, significantly improving the body’s performance capabilities. The energy delivered during the thrust may produce a slight “popping” sound from the shifting of gas and fluids in the joint. There’s no need to worry or be frightened about this—in fact, most patients find adjustments relaxing and relieving.

When it comes to adjustments, no two people are the same. Some people may require a different technique based on size, age, or the condition they are dealing with. Using other adjustment techniques allows us to provide care tailored to each person to get the best results for them. Some people find relief after just one adjustment, but others may take multiple visits to notice relief.

Conditions We Help

This technique provides the relief our patients have been seeking. Our patients have found solutions for issues such as:

Pain Relief and More

Diversified Technique has been used for over 100-plus years, helping relieve discomfort and restoring function so you can live your best life. Call our practice today to make an appointment.


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