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Sciatica Care in Oak Creek

A Natural Approach to Relief

person with leg painAre you experiencing pain that starts in your lower back and extends down one or both legs? Does it worsen when you sit or stand for long periods? If so, you may suffer from a condition known as sciatica.

Sciatica affects many individuals, including pregnant women, those with diabetes, and people who are obese. Chiropractic care can help diagnose and alleviate sciatica, allowing you to regain control of your life.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Sciatica may present itself through various symptoms, including

  • Hip pain—persistent discomfort in the hip region that can hinder daily activities
  • Tingling or burning feeling down the leg—a sensation that travels down one leg, causing discomfort and sometimes numbness
  • Weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving the leg or foot—reduced strength and mobility in the affected leg or foot
  • Continual discomfort affecting one side of the buttocks—unrelenting pain that primarily targets one side of the buttocks
  • Shooting pain upon standing up—sharp and intense feeling that shoots down the buttocks and leg, making it uncomfortable to stand
If you’re dealing with any of these symptoms, it may be time to make an appointment at Evolved Chiropractic.

The Natural Approach—Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments have shown great promise in alleviating sciatica. Improving joint motion in the lower back offers a natural and non-invasive solution. The journey toward relief begins with a consultation and comprehensive examination.

During the consultation, Dr. Jon will assess your condition and determine if care is suitable for you. If another healthcare practitioner can better address your situation, we will provide you with the necessary guidance and recommendations.

Techniques and Therapies

Our clinic employs various techniques that have proven successful in treating sciatica. These include

  • Diversified Technique: the most widely used chiropractic approach that involves manual adjustments to restore proper joint motion and alleviate discomfort
  • Thompson Drop Table Technique: uses a specialized table that gently lowers and raises sections of the body, allowing for targeted adjustments and improved spinal alignment
  • Trigger point therapy: Dr. Jon applies pressure to specific trigger points in the muscles to release tension and reduce pain
  • Stretching exercises: customized stretching routines help improve flexibility, reduce muscle tightness, and provide relief

Finding Success

Dr. Jon shares the inspiring story of one of our clients, an avid powerlifter. Despite his passion for lifting weights, persistent sciatic pain hindered his ability to compete and maintain a regular workout routine.

Every time he attempted to lift heavy weights, he would experience burning in his buttocks and shooting down the leg. Hoping it would eventually subside, he endured the discomfort until it became unbearable, forcing him to stop working out altogether. After finally deciding to seek help, he came to our clinic and began a series of chiropractic sessions. Within a few visits, he noticed significant relief. Encouraged by these positive changes, the client remained consistent with his care plan.

After completing his care plan, he realized his pain had disappeared entirely. Not only did he return to powerlifting, but he also set personal records in the gym. He recognizes the immense improvement in his overall well-being, so he visits us for continued wellness and preventative care.

Get Needed Relief

The relief experienced by patients varies by person. While some patients notice improvements after just one visit, others may require several weeks of care before experiencing significant relief. The duration of your recovery will depend on factors such as the severity of your condition and your body’s response to our care.

If you’re struggling with sciatica, chiropractic offers a natural and practical approach to finding relief. With personalized plans that include adjustments, special techniques, and stretching exercises, our dedicated chiropractor helps you regain control over your life.

Take the Next Step

Don’t let sciatica hold you back any longer; take the first step toward a pain-free future and schedule a consultation with us today!


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