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Thompson Drop Technique in Oak Creek

A Unique System of Analysis and Adjustment

model of a spineThe Thompson Technique, developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson, is a comprehensive spinal analysis and adjustment system. This technique combines precise adjustments with high patient comfort, making it highly effective in improving overall health.

This technique may be combined with other natural healing modalities like other chiropractic methods. Dr. Jon has the expertise to integrate different approaches and customize care plans based on individual needs, ensuring the most effective and comprehensive care.

With its innovative approach to chiropractic care, The Thompson Technique received a patent in 1955. This method’s precision and ability to deliver excellent results for our patients have made it a widely recognized and used technique worldwide.

Leg Length Comparison

This method stands out among others due to its unique combination of leg check analysis and adjusting procedures. Early chiropractors noticed that subluxations, or misalignments in the spine, often resulted in the appearance of a shortened or contracted leg.

To determine the location of these subluxations, chiropractors began using a leg length comparison protocol. By comparing leg lengths while the patient turned their head, chiropractors could identify whether the subluxation was located in the upper, middle, or lower back and address them appropriately.

The Terminal Point Table—Enhanced Comfort

When you visit our clinic for adjustments using this technique, you’ll notice our segmental “drop” table. This unique feature is crucial in addressing leg length inequality and ensuring patient comfort throughout the adjustment process.

Individual cushions, known as “drop pieces,” support each segment of your spine as the adjustment is administered. These drop pieces gently give way, reducing the energy required to move a specific spinal segment.

This technique is suitable for patients of all ages. The table has a weighing system, where the drop pieces are set slightly heavier than the patient’s body weight to allow for gentle yet effective adjustments, making it safe and beneficial for children and seniors alike.

Improved Quality of Life

Dr. Jon had a client who experienced life-changing results with the Thompson Technique. She had been struggling with persistent lower back and hip pain despite previous chiropractic treatments from another provider in her hometown. Frustrated by the lack of relief, she decided to seek our help.

Our chiropractor discovered a crucial missing piece in her care during our thorough assessment. He determined her sacrum (tailbone) had rotated due to a past trauma. When asked, the client revealed she had fallen on her tailbone about a year ago, suspecting a fracture.

With this knowledge, Dr. Jon began adjusting the rotated sacrum. After just one visit, the client called the next day to report feeling significantly better and that she could lie on her side without discomfort, something she hadn’t been able to do for months.

This case shows the transformative power of the Thompson Technique in identifying and addressing specific spinal issues, leading to improved mobility, reduced pain, and, ultimately, a better quality of life.

Focused Care for You

At Evolved Chiropractic, we embrace multiple chiropractic techniques to serve our diverse clientele best. Each person’s body is unique, and their care is tailored to their needs. By offering a range of techniques, we can customize care plans to maximize results and optimize the healing process. What works for one person may not work as effectively for another, so we take a personalized approach to care.

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